Tuesday, March 22, 2011

All About the Air Boat

So, if you’re from around here and know us, you know that we are the proud owners of an air boat. After riding in one {which is now the one we own} with our friends, it was a purchase that was made soon after we were married after great debate.


I’ll be honest. Sometimes I love that boat for the simple fact that it is incredibly fun to ride in. It is my husband’s pride and joy and because we now own the boat ourselves, he has taken up yet another hobby, bow fishing.


It seems that the best bow fishing occurs at night, and after going once or twice, I understand his passion for it. It’s pretty fun even for someone who just goes along for the ride. 

On Sunday, we took the boat out to meet some friends at their sandbar on the river.


We put in close to where I lived until I got married. Can you believe I once drove on this road that you can now see will soon be completely part of the river? It’s the result of many, many floods over the years.


It seems that it looks like air boat central when we’re spending time with this group of friends seeing as how two other men own two other air boats…..two much more powerful airboats than ours.


Anyhow…we pretty much just soaked up the sun, the women chatted it up with each other, the men played horseshoes, and the kids had a blast playing.



I must say that the photo below makes my heart sing. He’s so good with children, and I can’t wait for the day I get to see him be a father. He’ll make a great one I’m sure. He’s just going to have to wait a few more years though {since I’m getting my master’s degree}.


I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are having a terrific week!


  1. I looove that picture of Colby and the baby. You're pretty lucky, Mrs Langham! Can't wait to see you

  2. Fun. Going to the river has always been my favorite thing to do in Brewton. I wish we had been there to go with y'all. What is the latest on the Master's front? You will be so glad you pursued that degree. :)