Sunday, March 13, 2011

It’s All About Spring

Around my house lately, it’s been all about the wonderful spring weather we have been experiencing, along with all the sunshine!

Colby and I have been clean, clean, cleaning and work, work, working. That is for certain! Yesterday, we had an outing to what turned out to be to a trip to Lowe’s {along with a few other places}. I’m not ashamed to admit my love for Lowe’s. I could spend countless hours in there dreaming of the projects of the now and of the future.

Right now, the focus tends to be mostly outdoors. After all, who can resist soaking up the sun when you don’t have to be burning up in unforgivable Alabama heat. We have plans for flower beds {adding some and updating some}, decks, sidewalks, and a fence. Now, if it can be made into reality!


As for me this weekend, I brought new life to my planters with some pink bloomed begonias {the same flower that survived me last summer}. If a flower can survive me, then it is one that I require myself to use again and again. Plus, they are a beautiful flower.


I also hung up some baskets {with my transplanted petunias}, washed off the porch and porch furniture, and relocated the cat’s home.


Colby and I will be continuing on this week with planting Indian Hawthorne’s, a hydrangea, and possibly giving the door a new coat of paint before the pollen starts to steadily attach itself to every surface known. 

How about you? Is spring inspiring you to complete or start some projects around your house?

Hopefully, I’ll be able to share some of the new updates this week.

Have an awesome week!

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