Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fun in the Sun


My three day weekend has turned out to be just what this tired teacher needed! I’ve been knocking things off my to-do list and have been soaking in the rays that have been plentiful the past couple of days! What makes it even better is that it isn’t over yet!


Colby and I worked to our little hearts’ content yesterday. Blinds were hung. Doors were painted. Trim was painted. Peg board was hung. A few things at a time, and before long we’ll have this list wiped out {for the most part since a list can always keep going}. I’ll share more about our work for later this week.


The fun began today though. My sister and niece came over to run around in the sprinkler {more so my niece}.

If she wasn’t worn out after she left my house, I’m not sure what could do it.


She played until she wore herself out! For once, it was nice to just lay out in the backyard and have conversation without worrying about a thing. The only thing missing was the boys {or Colby at least}. I always miss him like crazy on a fun-filled, sun-filled weekend.

I can’t wait for tomorrow, but for now the sun has drained me! Rest it is!

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  1. That little red swimsuit is so precious. Aly looks like she had a good time. I'm sure Aunt B did too.