Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat

I had a terrific weekend minus the fact that my husband couldn’t be with me for the greater part of the weekend. However, I was kept busy with visiting friends and preparing for my little trick-or-treaters!

I always look forward to this. I was going to venture out this year and actually turn my front porch light on for random trick-or-treaters, but I backed out when Colby couldn’t be here. Too many freaks to do that when I’m by myself…

Anyhow,  I had plenty of fun with my niece and my little cousins. They are way to precious!

First, my niece came along, the little bumblebee =)



I had my house all decorated for it, too. I used some tips from my SIL, and I used some ideas of my own as well.




And, I also had my classroom decorated for the Halloween season. I’ve been meaning to post these for a while, but things get a little crazy sometimes.




I hope you all had a spook-tacular Halloween!

Now it is time to give thanks for all that we have in this life that God has given us…count your blessings!

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  1. Aly is one cute little bee. Love your lamp. :) And, the classroom looks great. I still want to come see it in person.