Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Rest of the Weekend…

After our stop by the Community Rummage Sale, we ventured on our way to the plains in Auburn, Alabama. The home of Auburn University.

Colby’s parents have a home there, and they tailgate there at every home game. This weekend was not quite as crazy as the traditional tailgating weekend since it was homecoming, and it was a really early game.

However, we still had a good time seeing friends and family, especially some kiddos that stopped by the house before their 1st game experience in Jordan-Hare Stadium.



Yep, that cute little boy was my ring bearer. The very first photo is his precious little brother.



This cutie will be celebrating her 1st birthday on the 14th of this month. Happy Birthday, Ellie!


Cole was loving the kids! He’s such a good sport!


Can you tell it was rather frigid this weekend?

Brenna, Caitlin, Kayla

Brenna, Caitlin, Kayla 2

I’m glad that we FINALLY got to come up after many tries, and I’m glad we got to see our family and friends!

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