Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh so close!


I have blogged before about how the Langham family has a cabin on several acres of land that they own. The cabin is sitting conveniently right  by the pond, and up until this year progress has been slow and sporadic to say the least.

Since the end of last year though, it has been making amazing progress. Some additions have been made to the one room cabin, and it is actually now a three room cabin. New floors. New ceiling. New bedroom. New siding.

Oh, did I mention there’s a toilet. A working toilet at that! Boys just don’t understand why us girls need those handy contraptions, but if you’re a girl you understand.

You get the picture though. New everything.

Colby and I made a trip out there to see the progress that had been made in the past week, and boy were we happy to see what we saw. Near completion!

Now it’s down to the small things. Knobs. Polyurethane. Cabinet doors. Furnishings.

I can’t wait to stay out there. Once it’s cleaned up, Colby and I might stay out there without furnishings. That would be fun!

I’ve made an album below with all of the photos I made. It was near dark, so I apologize for the darkness of some of the photos. I’m still figuring out this camera. Give me time. I’ll get there.

Anyway…enough of my blabbering. May I present to you:


Oh, and as we were leaving, I caught this photo. Can I express to you how much I want some imaging software?


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