Thursday, July 8, 2010

Number 7- Check!

I am proud to say that I have marked yet another thing off of my list.

I’ve been waiting to post this until I got the last document in the mail, but I have changed my name on all important documents.

Bank statements.

Driver’s license.

Social Security Card.

And those not so important things like…


I decided it would probably not be in my best interest to put a photo up of those things as proof since it has so much personal and private information on them.

That brings my total to 15 items checked off my list! Not bad progress…


  1. I remember being so happy to mark that one off my list. I had some slight issues with the social security office when I was changing my name but finally got them all fixed a couple of weeks later. Enjoy the new name Mrs. Langham!!!

  2. Yay! Changing my name is number 30 on my list - but first I have to do number one- ger married!