Monday, November 12, 2012

It’s That Time!

Guess what guys and gals! It is officially the time of year to create a shoe box and fill it full of goodies for a little girl or boy for the Samaritan’s Purse project. I hope to get this done today or tomorrow, so I can turn it in on time. Your shoe box must be turned in by Friday, November 16th. It’s a project that I take part in every year simply because I know that my contribution is going straight to a child that would likely be receiving nothing for Christmas. I know how much receiving random gifts makes me feel, and I’m much more fortunate than those little children. What makes it even more wonderful is that you can contribute your $7 online and track your box!

I’ve compiled a list of good ideas to include in a box:

Samaritan's Purse 3

If you need to know where to take your box to, click here and enter your information for a drop off location. You can click here to get your label & make your donation. Let’s join together and get the Christmas season started early by doing a good deed and making the day of a sweet, innocent child!

Remember….boxes must be in by Friday!

Update! I made my box, and it’s ready to go. I got all of my items from the Dollar Tree and packed it full. Here’s what I bought. Maybe it will give you some ideas!



Here’s a tip! Buy a $1 plastic tote with lid from the Dollar General. Then, it is something that they can use again instead of just a shoe box that will fall apart.


Now, it’s all packed up and ready to go for a 5-9 year old little girl.


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