Saturday, November 17, 2012

How Every Man Wants Spend His Day

Yesterday, we had a half day of school since the Blue Eagles were having to make a  4 1/2 hour drive to north Alabama for a playoff football game. It couldn’t have happened at a better time since Colby and I have been discussing what exactly we want to knock off of the to-do list. Since carpet might be easier to knock off at some point within the year, are final decision was on furniture for our empty living room.

At this point, our living room consists of two televisions that need to hit the road, walls that need to be painted, and a light fixture that must be changed. My grandmother has been trying to sell her piano, but that didn’t last long since this granddaughter desperately wants one so that she’s not ambushed when her mom goes on a vacation and can’t play the piano for the church. If I can ever find {enough} men to transfer the piano from one place to another, the living room will officially be the best place to have a Christmas gathering {once we have furniture of course}.

Colby was such a sport yesterday though. He wants the house to be just as nice as I do, and while we sometimes disagree on décor decisions, we can both agree that the first room you see when you enter the house should be more appealing to the eye than what it is now. This is what it looked like when we first were shown the house. Just imagine it without any furniture, and that will equal what its appearance is today.


After doing my research, reading lots of blogs, and talking a lot with my amazing SIL over the past couple of years, I knew immediately that I wanted a slipcovered couch. Why, you ask? Think about your couch that has never been cleaned. Do you even want to know what might be lingering on what your cuddle up on each and every day? I prefer my couch to be clean, not only to the eye, but deep down.

I also knew that I wanted a light colored couch {not white, but a nice neutral color}. Remember…you can wash them. It’s okay to choose something that doesn’t hide the unknown since you can wash the nasty away. Speaking of washing, the slipcovers could not be dry clean only. If I find out that my family is coming over from out of town on the following day, I want to be able to strip my couch and throw it in the washer, so it can be clean before they arrive without having to worry about whether or not the dry cleaner will be open and/or could have it done before they arrived.

Once all of the research was done, it was time to make a move because I knew a PB sofa was out of the question, so Colby and I loaded up the car and drove to Andalusia {which is about an hour from where we live}. Barrow’s was the store of choice, and they have a tremendous selection of furniture. While most was not my taste, I immediately noticed the furniture that was. 

It had to be skirted at the bottom and have a nice casual {but refined look}. This was the first sofa that caught my eye.  If it was going to be a sectional, it would have to much larger than that though. Since that didn’t come as an option, this one was off the list.


Right around the corner was this beautiful lady! Unfortunately, it was beautiful, but not very comfy.


Which led us to this amazingly comfortable set, but was a bit to large in size for what I wanted….


And then, I found it. It was just what I wanted….a Rowe Nantucket sofa. My excitement was almost crushed as the dealer thought it was a closeout, but the Lord smiled upon us. It was not a closeout at all. It was perfect.


We then picked out the fabric {a nice cotton and linen} and got everything priced. We haven’t ordered it yet as we’re waiting on the Christmas fairy {aka bonuses} to land in our hands, but I can’t wait to make the call and place the order.


So, here’s the question….do we get a sofa and a loveseat; a sofa, chair, and ottoman; or a sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman; or maybe even two sofas since there is only a $30 difference between a sofa and a loveseat? Let me know what you think. In the mean time, I’ve got to do some measuring of my own to really figure out what it is going to be. This is the tough part!


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  2. I love what you chose. It's perfect!