Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weekend Plans

It’s only Tuesday, and I’m already thinking about the weekend. I don’t want to wish life away, but this time of year makes me long for the weekends. I’m even trying to work ahead on my school work, so I can enjoy the sunshine and pleasing weather. I’m not a fan of extreme cold or extreme hot, which is what we seem to get for 90% of the year. The other 10% is divided between spring and fall, and this amazingly beautiful weather doesn’t like to hand around long. It’s barely enough to enjoy to the fullest.


So, this weekend, I’m hoping to break out the gardening gloves, fertilizer, water hose, and scrub brush. I got a head start today, but I barely touched the surface of all that needs to be done.


Here’s what I’d like to get done this weekend:

  1. New pine straw in flower beds
  2. Plant flowers in hanging pots {that do not thrive on daily waterings}
  3. Wash porch down
  4. Clean {and possibly} paint swing
  5. Add pillows to swing and rocking chairs {might have to wait on the $$$ to appear in the bank account though}
  6. Put Geraniums in urns or bigger pots

Speaking of Geraniums…..I picked up two beautiful Geraniums from the “fruit stand” in town. I had originally though about doing a red, white, and blue type theme on the porch. Not the “O, say can you see” patriotic theme that might look a little tacky if overdone, but rather the subtle hints of patriotism and color that could easily be turned into some fabulous décor during the summer holidays. It was the red geraniums that inspired it, but then I saw these…


Gorgeous, right? I’m in love, and I can’t wait to get proper pots for them. Right now, they’re flanking both sides of my porch.

I’m still pretty proud of these flowers that have survived a not so harsh winter.


Today, I even potted some various plants that I’ve been rooting for a while now. Something tell me that they stood a better chance of surviving in a vase full of water than a pot full of dirt {that may or may not get watered regularly}, but let’s pray that spring is going to inspire me to move my behind from the couch to the outdoors. I found this cute $5 pot from the trusty Wal-Mart. It almost matches my pot from last year that my MIL bought me for a plant that she rooted. Surprise, surprise! It has taken off and is huge now. I love plants that take almost no effort.


Anyhow…do you have any weekend projects planned? Has spring make you want to get going and add some color to your world once again? All I have to hope now is that the husband is on board. Cross your fingers!

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  1. Mamaw's quilts looks so pretty hung out like that. I love the geraniums!!! The ones you chose are such pretty colors. I noticed them at the curb market when we drove by last weekend. They looked so pretty there en masse.