Monday, March 5, 2012

25 Things


Colby and I went to the The Vow in the theater the other night. Great movie. Terrible ending. How in the world do you just cut a person off whose been watching the movie for two hours! I didn’t watch the entire movie just to be shown a picture of the real people and two sentences telling me how the story ends. Geez! Even still, I’ll probably buy the movie.



Here lately, I’ve been on this kick of buying movies and music. It’s crazy. I rarely ever do such a thing. I’m cheap. I rent movies and listen to Pandora. Apparently not anymore though.


I’m in love with the Kindle app. I’ve downloaded like five books in the past month, which is like some kind of record for me since I’ve been working. I never though that I would like to read on a tablet, but it has changed my life. Living in a small town has its perks, but having your choice of books at a bookstore is not one of them. I can download any book I want basically now. It’s lovely.


I want to get the ball moving with decorating my house, but I’m at a stand still. Not enough time. Not enough money. I guess I’m just going to have to make time and sit some money aside for some small but big impact projects. Hanging some things on the wall would be a start!


While we were at the theater, I saw the preview for The Lucky One. It’s based on a Nicholas Sparks novel. Downloaded it, too. So far, it is terrific. The best part is that it is coming out in April while we will be on vacation. I’m thinking that we will definitely be making time to go see it.

Can’t wait to see!


I bought Luke Bryan tickets. It’s the weekend before spring break, and I’m about to explode with excitement! Orange Beach, here we come! I think this will be a great time mark something else off of my 101 list!


We’re less than two months away from spring break and our vacation to the mountains! Hello, relaxation! I’m thinking some hiking, picnicking, photographing, zip-lining, movie-watching, and antiqueing will all be part of the trip. I’m trying to plan out our trip a little better than I did last time. If you have any suggestions on some off the beaten path places to eat or see {or even some that aren’t off the beaten path}, let me know. We’ve gone plenty of times, so I want to try some new-to-us places.



Our dog, Bogie, died. He was part of our family for seven years. It’s always sad to lose a pet, and it seems that deaths of pets always come unexpected and sudden.


We had Dr. Seuss day at school on Friday for Read Across America. I want to send a big thank you to our reader, James Carroll, for reading Horton Hears a Who to my kids. They loved having you, and they really enjoyed getting to ask you questions about being a firefighter since that’s what our story was on this week.



Southern Living has a gorgeous cover this month. It makes me want to paint my front door that color, but I just don’t think it would look so good on my house. I’m not quite as bold either. If you have an iPad and are a Southern Living subscriber, you should download their app. You can get the issue as soon as it is released, and you don’t have to pay a penny more for it.



I love Boy Meets World Saturdays. I’m not sure what channel it comes on, but I love that it’s on for about four or five hours on Saturdays. I can’t get enough of Cory and Topanga.


I made these super cute Valentine’s but never got around to sharing them with you. I got the printable from some website that is pinned on Pinterest.



Colby’s turning 30 on Saturday. My sister is turning 22 on Friday. Busy week for birthdays! Happy Birthday Week To You Both!


I’m probably going to forget to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. Someone needs to remind me, so I don’t get pinched. Better yet, it’s on a Saturday, so there’s very little chance that anyone will see me anyway.


My church is having a singing on March 17th, too. It’s at 7:00 p.m. at May Creek United Methodist Church. Spread the word. We would love to have you.


We had a Gideon speaker yesterday. I always look forward to having a Gideon speaker. Their personalities and stories are always different, but it makes a person feel good to know that the Word is being spread like it is just through this one ministry. It’s amazing what they’re capable of doing and who they are able to reach just by simply passing out Bibles. I’m not sure who had {or will have} Mr. McCracken from Brewton, but I feel quite sure that you will enjoy his message. He came to our church last year, and I still haven’t forgotten about him coming. Great speaker!


I now limit myself to one carbonated drink a day. This has been a huge step for me, but it’s been way over a month since I started this. I went from drinking more than my share of Cokes a day to only one a day.


People are just now discovering who my sister is {or who her sister is}. It’s funny how two people can be sisters but have completely different personalities and looks. I’m the conservative one. She’s the outgoing one. It’s just who we are.


This picture is with our cousin, Chuck.


I have a themed baby gift that I’ll be sharing with you soon. So excited for our aide, Erin! I swear you couldn’t be any cuter than her pregnant. I pray that I have the same luck as her.


Justice has finally been served for the death of Mia Brown, my cousin {Chuck’s} half-sister. After having to endure the trial filled of unsettling details of the last hours of Mia’s life, the jury decided rather quickly that her killer was indeed guilty. They also later decided that he would be sentenced to the death penalty for his cruel actions.


A random dog has shown up in our neighborhood. He’s established himself a home at the neighbor’s house, but he is getting attention from us just like their other dog. Colby calls him Barron and feeds him a treat here a there. I guess we’re welcoming the new watch dog into the neighborhood.


This weather has been nuts. One minute it is 80 degrees out. The next it is 60 degrees. I’m not sure anymore what clothes to put on in the morning. It’s cold when I leave, hot when I leave school, and cool by nighttime again. It’s definitely spring in the South!


I’m ready for The Bachelor to be over. It’s down to two girls, one of which I despise. If he picks her, he is only getting what he deserves. I’m ready to move on to The Bachelorette, Emily. That’s a season that will be much more enjoyable. At least then, I won’t have to look at Ben’s butt-crack part in his hair that seriously needs something done to it.



Classes will be starting again officially next week. The preview of classes begins on Thursday. Maybe, just maybe I’ll get a head start on assignments. Or I might just procrastinate like usual. I guess it will depend on my mood.


It’s going to be a busy week. Hair appointment. Teacher work day. Report cards are going home. Birthdays. Birmingham Children’s Theatre performance. And the list goes on. I hope you all have a good week.

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