Thursday, January 19, 2012

Two Goals Accomplished

I might not be able to blog like I should. Seriously, two weeks?!?! That’s just sad! My only excuses are work, school, and life. I’ve been too busy and too high-strung to blog. I’ve thought about it plenty of times, but I just couldn’t muster up the energy on thinking up something to blog about or to get up and get the photos off of the memory card. It’s a sad cycle.

Anyhow….I have plenty of news to share now. I’ve actually accomplished two of my goals for 2012, and I possibly will be marking off another very soon. Colby and I have been house shopping. Nothing too serious. We thought we had found “the one” only for there to be too many complications. Maybe it’s a sign from God. Maybe it will work out later down the road. Who knows? I’m just letting it work out for itself. For you future homebuyers, make sure you have PLENTY of money stuck back for those darn down payments and closing costs.

We’ve also booked our vacation, and I can’t wait. I always look forward to vacationing. It doesn’t matter one bit to me that we’ve been there a gazillion times. I just love the feel of relaxation and not having any obligations to fulfill except enjoying the outdoors and antique shopping. The best thing about staying there is that it is so gosh darn affordable. And FYI {especially you teachers}….April is stay 3 nights, get your 4th night free at Cove Mountain Cabins. They’re the only ones I ever book with, and you will not regret booking with them.

Graduate school started. I must be crazy thinking I can juggle two classes. Six chapters to read this week. Yeah….that’s my life right now. I’m just glad it will all be over by the end of February. I guess sacrificing two months in the name of misery and a pay raise {later on} is worth it just to hurry up and get it over with. At this point, I don’t care if I camp out on the couch and do school work this summer {once again} just to be completely done with all of this. Trust me. I support furthering one’s education, but I just don’t know that I would pursue this if it weren’t for a pay increase. No lie.

quote 2

And on top of everything else, a very sweet woman that I have come to know in the past year lost her husband suddenly. Her trials seem to be that of Job. She lost her son suddenly just over a year ago, and she has now lost the man that was her rock. Please keep her and her family in your prayers, even though you may not know them, God knows who you are praying for. quote

Did I mention that I had a birthday, too? I couldn’t have asked for it to be any better! Other than the fact that my sister’s dog went missing {but was found}, the day went great. Colby gifted me with a real strand of pearls. If you know me, you know that I wear pearls almost Even my kids at school notice it. It’s my thing, I guess. My sister gifted me with milk glass. There’s nothing I love better than another addition to my collection. Milk glass is just so classic. My mom gifted me with a day out of the house. We went shopping and out to eat. Some new clothes were in order. My birthday money was applied to one of my goals…lamps. Can I just give a shout-out to T.J. Maxx?!?! They ALWAYS come through.

I guess that’s enough rambling. On to the goals that were marked off…

When Colby and I first got married, we had to order a new headboard since we were getting a new king size bed. Two people are not meant to sleep in a full size. It just doesn’t work. So, I opted for a tufted upholstered headboard from Ballard Designs. The bad news was that we only had one nightstand still, and it had a deer head lamp sitting on top of it. I kid you not. Just trying to keep it real people. Well, as much as it pains me to say this, I lived with it for over a year and a half just because I was looking for the perfect nightstands and lamps, and I do believe that I found them.

Here are the before photos:


And no, I did not make the bed up completely for you. This is just about as good as it gets on a daily basis. No need in putting on shams just to have them ripped off 2 hours after I put them on.


Bedroom Makeover

It’s still a work in progress, but it’s getting there. I love spending time in there now, and it’s much easier to read with more light in the room at night that isn’t the harsh overhead light. So, there you go. Two goals checked off.

I moved the old nightstand into the back bedroom and then decided that I might change out the beds in there with the one that actually matches the nightstand in order to save some moolah.


  1. Hey! I didn't know it was your bday! Sorry, but Happy Belated!! I love your new night stands and lamps. Also gotta play catch up on the blog reading. ;]

  2. It was from Ballard Designs.

    I love it! I was very pleased with it, and I got it when it was on sale!