Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mapping Out a Plan

Remember those house goals that I’m wanting to check off of my gigantic list of things to do this year? You’re probably thinking….the list only went to twelve. Let’s not forget that I’m also attempting to complete my Master’s degree, uphold a full time job, and manage my house and this here blog. Geez! One wouldn’t want to overload their plate, would they? What the heck though! These are things that make my life full, complete, and extremely happy. Of course, I could go without having to fill up my spare time with graduate school, but then I wouldn’t get to reap the benefits of a nice pay raise. Laziness doesn’t help you achieve the things in life!

Anyhow…I went out shopping today in hopes for some end tables I could use on both sides of my bed. I saw plenty of beautiful furniture that I would die to have in my home, but none of them were what I was looking for. So, I just returned home and ordered the ones I have had my eye on at Target for quite some time. I must admit that I think I got a really good deal. I’ll be sharing about that later though {when they come in}.

That got me thinking though that I should start thinking about some of the projects that are listed in my goals.

First off, for a project that I can not complete on my own, I would love to have the closet in our bedroom fixed, so that I could actually use it properly instead of {literally} just throwing junk in there while still trying to keep the vacuum, mop, and other household floor cleaners in there. It’s a wreck. The following two pictures are what I would really like to have a combination of in there. I’ve linked them up, so you can go to their original source for more details.

linen closet

linen closet 2

One of the other goals on my list is to hang a mirror or some type of something above our dresser, but I really don’t have a large budget for this project. That’s when I think it’s appropriate to pull in a DIY project. As I was looking back through some of my pins on Pinterest, I found this terrific paint stick sunburst mirror project that I could easily pull of {I think}.

Paintstick mirror

Isn’t it lovely? I think it would be the perfect addition to our bedroom.

That’s all of the inspiration photos that I have found so far, but I assure you that Pinterest will come through and provide me with the rest that I will need.

Want some inspiration for some of your projects? Check out my Pinterest boards!

I hope you’ve found something to accomplish this weekend. If you haven’t though, don’t feel bad. Sometimes a person needs a lazy day to do nothing but sit {lay} around, watch movies, and search the world wide web. I hope you have had a terrific weekend.

P.S. I’m making a new recipe tomorrow. If it turns out ok, I’ll let you know. Can one go wrong with the crock pot?

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  1. I , LOVE,LOVE,& LOVE that paint stick sunburst mirror!!That would be a super fun project to make. I wanna make one with you! Let's plan a day and go raid Sherwin-Williams. :D