Monday, August 15, 2011

It’s Busy Season!

School is officially back in session in more than one way! I’m back at work teaching 2nd grade for the first time, which is a learning experience in itself. The kids are back in school building on their knowledge, and Colby is back in school for and EMT-Advanced class that will last until December. Plus, I’ll be back to the Master’s program starting in mid-October. Needless to say, the stress is running high around this household. By December, we should all be much more educated. By May, I should know much more about 2nd grade, and by August of next year, I’ll be completely done with my master’s degree.

So, aside from all of the schooling we’re all participating in….here’s what’s been going on!

First of all, I have been relentlessly working on my classroom over the past little while, and I can proudly say that it is finally completed {at least most of it}.

My Classroom Collage

Second, I planned on doing some blogging this past weekend, but if you are a fan of the blog on Facebook then you know that my computer crashed. I worked and worked on it until I finally gave up and made a trip to Milton for a new one. That was the major letdown of the weekend!

The good part to this past weekend is taking a relaxing trip to the farm for the boys {Terry and Colby} to throw a few casts in hopes for a big fish. While there was no such luck, I still enjoyed the time I got to not look at a computer or document for school. Instead, I read The Help. I’ve only read about six or seven chapter, but it is delightfully good. I have a feeling that it will take me quite some time to read it with all of the craziness going on in our lives, but slowly I will finish it. I MUST!



Oh, and I almost forgot! We celebrated Colby’s grandmother’s 90th birthday!


Oh, and don’t think I’ve forgotten that fruit recipe! I haven’t, and it will be on here sometime in the coming week.


  1. Great job on your room, Brenna! I hope you have a great school year! I have a feeling you will really like 2nd grade. :)

  2. Your room is so cute!!! Also, that is a sweet picture of Mamma.