Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shopping 101: Coupon Codes

If there is one thing that many people might know about me, it would be that I love a good deal. Some might call it cheap. I call it smart. Why in the world would I pay more for something if there is a cheaper route that is just as good?!?!

One example I can give you is my latest purchase for a wedding reception next weekend. I needed a dress to wear that was nice, but could still be worn during the day time. Most of the dresses I have look more like cocktail dresses. I decided to go with the classic sheath dress.

sheath dress

Because of my height and my size, it is extremely hard for me to find clothes to fit in all the right places, especially dresses. Ann Taylor Loft is my go-to store for dresses, but I am not a fan of the price tag. That’s when I turn to my smart shopper knowledge.

Before I check out, I always search for online coupon codes. For those of you who don’t do this, google the store you’re shopping + coupon codes. For example, when I was looking for a coupon code here, I just entered “Ann Taylor Loft coupon codes”. Results appear. Start clicking on the different options. Sometimes the codes have expired or only apply to certain items, so you may have to try several different ones to find a winner. It’s worth it even if you just get free shipping.

As for this dress, here is how well it worked out for me:

Dress price: 79.50

Coupon code: 30% off

Final Dress Price: 55.65

Shipping: 19.95 {since I procrastinated and needed 3 day shipping}

Plus shipping tax and merchandise tax

Final Cost: $81.65

Okay…I know it doesn’t look like I saved anything, but I would have paid $107 if I didn’t have the coupon code. That is a savings of OVER 25 DOLLARS!

If you don’t shop online, you need to print out coupons from your favorite stores. I hate for my email to fill up with offers from 1000s of stores, but I do love to get coupons for the stores I shop at most often. Sometimes this is also a great way to get online codes as well.

Some stores that I benefit from coupons are….

Bed, Bath, and Beyond




Get on those mailing lists! You will not be sorry when your wallet is thanking you!

More Shopping 101 to come!

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