Monday, February 14, 2011

A Perfect Weekend


I don’t think I could have wished for a better weekend than this one. The weather was AMAZING for it to be February. It’s the kind of weather I’ve been hoping for each and every day. It gave me a taste of how wonderful spring is going to be this year.


Yesterday, I joined Colby to take a trip out to the farm to feed the cows.


I know that may not sound like fun to some of you, but to me it was just what I needed. I have been needing sunshine and wide open spaces. Being in the classroom for the most of hours during the week brings down a girl’s spirit, especially for someone who survives on sunshine and water.


Name this movie. “I’ll live off sunshine and water.”


Colby gave the cows some hay, and I took pictures of everything I could. After all, the only way you get better with the contraption is to try it out and give it a go.


Geez, I love this man! And, I’m really hating that we’re not going to be able to spend V-day together, but every day is wonderful with him.


We took a stroll down to this little creek, and I do believe I could have put my lawn chair out and stayed there all day. You could just hear the water moving so smoothly, and there was perfect mixture of sunlight and shade. I could definitely live this life!

When I got home, I prepared for school, watched the Grammys, and made these….


I’ll share a tutorial later. Nothing to it!

Everyone enjoy time with your loves today! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Oh, and the movie quote is from “Uptown Girls”.

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  1. you're posts make me so gayly happy. love and miss you