Thursday, February 3, 2011



For many of you who don’t live in our area and for those of you who do, Brewton has a new magazine that is in its third edition. It began this year, and I did not even know about it until I was contacted by one of our writers for the paper, The Brewton Standard.

Now that I think back on it, I do remember seeing something about it in the paper, but I had never actually seen a copy of it. I guess it was out of sight, out of mind.


I felt quite honored to be asked about my wedding reception and to provide some comments and photos for the new magazine. I was told they were going to do a segment on “not your typical church reception”.

For those of you who do not know, our reception was held at The Hourglass in downtown Brewton. It was once a hardware store, but then it was renovated by two wonderful people who are now dear friends, Becki and Terrance Breckenridge. When they renovated it, it became a shop that was full of items that made you wish you could take home every item there.

Due to economic times and other things, the store closed and was vacant. This became my opportunity.

From here on out, I will let you read the article for the rest of the story.



I must admit that I was pretty proud of this article. I loved every detail about our wedding. I felt like I accomplished all that I loved, did it on a small budget, and expressed who Colby and I are through our wedding. It is an event that I will carry on forever.

I also must admit that as soon as school was out on Monday I rushed to their office to pick up a copy. Of course, I went to my article first. It was quite the pleasant surprise though to see my  two best friends from high school’s wedding in there as well. To me, it is even more special now.


Kate and Spencer had their wedding on the property they live on now, and it was fabulous as well. The decor and ideas Kate had were creative, but absolutely gorgeous.




I know that many people around our town don’t know about this, but it is a terrific magazine worth reading. I hope one day that it does expand to be even bigger and better.

Now, go on out and pick up the latest copy =)


  1. cool! i hope i can get a copy. i'd love to look through it.

  2. How awesome!!! Keep that sucker forever!! Actually, go get a whole bunch of extra copies so you never lose it :)