Monday, April 19, 2010

Backyard BBQ

On the weekend of April 10th, some very wonderful people hosted a Tools and Gadgets Couples Shower for Colby and myself.

It certainly gave us a chance to unwind, enjoy time with friends, and get some very handy gifts from the people who are so important to us in our lives.

The party was hosted at Ms. Jeanne Scharnitzky's house, which is absolutely gorgeous. Colby does her yard, and I have to say that the house has to be the most beautiful in the spring when all of her flowers are in bloom.

The flowers used around the house for decor included my newest favorite flower, which I will be putting in our yard. It's probably because of its close resemblance to the hydrangea.

Photo from: food & garden

The other hostesses included Brenda Taylor, Brooke Hartin, Tammy Smith, Janice Smith, Deborah Marriott, and Cindy Lloyd. Thank all of you for such a wonderful time!

Left to Right: Brenda Taylor, Tammy Smith, Me, Colby, Jeanne Scharnitzky, and Brooke Hartin

Tons of our friends arrived! I'll just post pictures of some of the guests.

We received some cute and really handy gifts. Here's an idea of the great ideas people gifted us with...

Thanks Mom and Dad for the smoker!

I hope everyone that came had as much of a wonderful time as we did. It was fabulous to see people that we never get as much time to spend with them as we would like to.

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