Thursday, April 29, 2010

101 Things to Do in 1,001 Days

Yes...that's right.

 I've jumped on the bandwagon.

I made a 101 List.

It's harder than it looks.

I've been following a blog {Justin and Marcie Morris}. I know them personally...not! I feel like I should though. I love reading their blog mainly because of her 101 list. It was the first I have seen, and since then I have seen many more people doing it. Marcie seems incredibly sweet though and a lot of fun to be around.

When I first saw it, I immediately said that it looked fun, but there was NO WAY I would do one.

Well, guess who lied to herself???

I've been working on this thing all day it seems.
Thinking about my goals for the future. Thinking about things I wanted done around the house. Just thinking....

After all that thinking though....


So, here it is! Introducing my 101 List of Things to Do in 1,001 Days.....

1. Take an overnight trip to the beach with just Colby and myself

2. Have a patio added on to the back of the house

3. Get married

4. Visit Charleston

5. Walk across the stage to graduate

6. Apply for certification in Alabama and Florida

7. Get my name changed on all important documents

8. Finish all thank-you for wedding gifts after the wedding

9. Order all of my china and put it in its places

10. Have a couples' massage done

11. Go to the spa with another couple

12. Host a party at our house

13. Host or help host a wedding shower

14. Organize Colby's closet

15. Empty out the closet in the back bedroom

16. Hire someone to re-do the front bedroom closet and install shelving

17. Buy a DSLR camera

18. Let Aly spend the night with Aunt B and Uncle Colby

19. Take a trip to the Smoky Mountains

20. Go hiking in Smoky Mountains with Colby

21. Have a picnic

22. Get a full-time teaching position

23. Re-read "The Total Money Makeover"

24. Buy an SUV with a substantial down-payment

25. Start an emergency fund

26. Start a Roth IRA

27. Begin the Master's Degree program

28. Take the GRE {instead it was the MAT}

29. Visit Judd and Abby in Birmingham without a purpose

30. Host a party at the Langham Farm

31. Help organize a project at my church

32. Donate canned goods to the food drive

33. Stay overnight at the Langham Farm

34. Go fishing with Colby

35. Update my cell phone

36. Go on a cruise

37. Read a book for fun

38. Complete 100 blog posts

39. Begin and finish a sewing projects

40. Get cute curtains for the kitchen

41. Re-decorate mine and Colby's bedroom

42. Eat our wedding cake for our one year anniversary

43. Make pickled okra

44. Can some sort of jelly

45. Re-do the front flower beds at the house {one down, one to go}

46. Back up our computers on an external hard drive

47. Completely set-up my work space area {it's not really an office}

48. Finish the Love Dare

49. Watch Fire Proof with Colby

50. Have a weekly devotional time with Colby for one month {hopefully to make it a habit}

51. Pay for a meal of someone behind me in a drive thru

52. Re-paint my front door

53. Go tubing down the creek at Adventures Unlimited

54. Go to a concert

55. Learn how to tie a neck-tie

56. Send out Christmas cards with our picture on it

57. Come up with a better name for my blog

58. Buy a king size sleep number mattress

59. Get an upholstered head board

60. Go to a college football game

61. Go to Lake Martin for a day or two

62. Start an herb garden

63. Successfully grow a flower from a seed

64. Hang up something on the wall in at least two rooms

65. Go to Savannah, Georgia

66. Try to drive a boat by myself

67. Give my car a good cleaning inside and out

68. Get a bench with storage to put Colby's boots in

69. Decorate the front porch for the summer

70. Have a football party at our house outside

71. Purchase two new tables to go on the side of mine and Colby's bed

72. Complete one of Darby's projects {either recipe or craft}

73. Help promote Colby's lawn business

74. Cover up that awful breaker box in our middle room

75. Hang ferns on the front porch

76. Take a day trip to the beach with another couple

77. Eat at Olexa's in Mountain Brook again

78. Send a treat to the fire department for no reason at all

79. Get a new garbage can {sounds trivial, but SO needs to be done}

80. Have the shed by our house closed in

81. Get closets for the laundry room

82. Meet the maximum amount for the Roth IRA in a year

83. Surprise a neighbor with a dessert or craft

84. Compile a book on an online website for wedding photos

85. Clean out my entire room at my parents' house

86. Purchase table cloths to donate to my church

87. Support W.S. Neal schools in some way

88. Support T.R. Miller or Brewton schools in some way

89. Fill up 5 sheets of box-tops

90. Participate in a Civitan project in Brewton

91. Make use of the Earth Day services in town

92. Buy at least five Christmas gifts at a small business in Brewton

93. Learn a new recipe

94. Attend a performance sponsored by the Brewton Council of Arts

95. Give "The Total Money Makeover" book to someone

96. Take my niece to the splash pad in Brewton

97. Go to New Orleans

98. Update my IPod to a newer one

99. Complete "The Samaritan's Purse" project

100. Take a girl's day trip to the beach

101. Re-stain the front porch

The date of completion is January 18, 2013.
Wish me luck!


  1. So glad to hear that I inspired someone else to do a 101 List!!! I feel like a lot of people have been hopping onto the bandwagon doing it and it's so much fun reading other people's lists!! Keep it up and good luck knocking everything off now. I'm officially following you now :)

  2. I love your list. I also love that Marcie had a chance to see it. She's really started something. :) I would like to complete at least about half of the things on the list with you guys. Let's make it happen.

  3. I was inspired by Marcie to make a list too! Our lists are very similar. Congrats on getting married! Thats on my list too! Didn't you love Charleston? PS: I'm going to follow your lovely blog!

  4. I said I wasn't going to do a 101 list, but here I am making one! Make sure you look for it in the next few days!

  5. I enjoyed reading your list and what a fabulous idea! I am happy to say that I am in the process of writing mine, and it is much harder than one thinks. HAHA!! I hope to get my posted by the end of the month! Thanks for the idea!