Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pine Cone Decorations

Over the past week or so, Abby, Colby's sister-in-law, has been blogging about decorations that she can use through the Thanksgiving season, as well as through the Christmas season. She still wanted to have the bit of festivity though. You can read her blog posts about this here and here.

As you can read in her posts, she was particularly drawn to pine cone decorations. Ever since I read her post, I've been trying to think of ways to incorporate this into Colby's house as well mainly for two reasons. It's cheap, and we have plenty of pine cones where we live. Plus, it is a great way to decorate the house and still make it look so classic.

After questioning my parents and Colby about where to locate large pine cones, my dear, sweet daddy went out to the woods and found some for me. I have yet to use them because I want to have the perfect decoration for the house that I will be completely satisfied with.

This morning, I happened to be searching the JoAnne Fabric and Craft Store sales paper since Veteran's Day is tomorrow. Because of that, I figured there would be a pretty decent sale going on, and I was right on target. While I was searching, I found this project page for using pine cones as decorations. I figured I would share it with everyone, more specifically Abby though. Be sure to check it out here. It is in pdf form, so you can easily print it out and save it for future use.

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  1. Thanks Brenna. I found some more pine cones last weekend but I haven't had a chance to do anything with them yet. These are great ideas. Thanks for sharing!