Monday, November 2, 2009

My Halloween Weekend

I would have to argue that I had the cutest trick-0r-treaters in Brewton come to my house. My niece, Aly, was a pixie fairy. Isn't she just precious? I wanted to kiss her whole face, and I just about did.

She did a fairly good job posing for the camera, at least for a one year old.

I made cookies for them too! I got the recipe from this blog. I don't know the girl personally, but I feel like I should from reading about her wonderful family. She has the cutest ideas and really good recipes. I would definitely recommend this one to anyone. My cookie shapes included pumpkins, witch hats, ghosts, and bats. I'm aware that the pumpkins don't look that great, but the ghosts and hats turned out great!

My younger cousins came to trick-or-treat me too! Kayla was the cutest witch I've ever seen!

Trying to get to children as young as these to both look at the camera is nearly impossible! Since this is the best of my ladybug cousin, Rory, I had to post it too. She was really getting into the costume thing.

Liam (the duck) and Colton (the vampire) also joined me in the fun. Colton really wasn't enjoying his cape, so they ditched it before they got it to the house. He was still very handsome though. Uncle Miles (my dad) was so proud of the boys. I think he's just happy we finally have some more boys in the family instead of all the girls. I was just glad my dad felt good enough to join us.

I had each of them a special treat bag. Since they are still so young to have tons of candy, I stuck with goodies such as straws, glow sticks, cookies, and cute frames to put their pictures in.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!

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