Sunday, October 25, 2009

TRM Homecoming

This weekend was the 10 year Homecoming for Colby's brother, Judd. We were so happy to see the two of them since we don't get to see them too often because they live in Birmingham. You can see them pictured above. We had a blast with them. The weekend was filled with homecoming festivities, and Colby and I participated in a few of them.

I met up with Abby, Colby's sister-in-law, where I work. Judd treated us to getting our nails done that day, so we headed across the street for some girl time. Thanks Judd! Afterwards, the homecoming parade came through. You can see I caught some beads. Luckily, the rules of Mardi Gras don't apply to the local parade to get beads thrown at you. Haha!

Judd's class was the very last class to come through (I think). He showered us with candy or shall I say the entire bag he had left. Thanks again Judd!
Colby and I are friends with the people who own the old fire truck. It seems to be part of every parade now that the Nalty's have it.

Colby's mom also caught up with us to watch the parade. I can't believe it, but this is the first picture all three of us have ever had together.

Last night, we met up with Judd and Abby at Willie's Restaurant to see some old friends. Everyone in Judd's class seemed to be so nice and friendly. I didn't know many people, but I met some really wonderful people. Abby even got a picture of Judd and Colby, which hasn't happened in some time.

Needless to say, we love when Judd and Abby come to Brewton. I can't wait to make our trip to see them in December!

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  1. Thanks Brenna! We love to see y'all too! We had such a good time.