Monday, October 26, 2009

My First Attempt

Lately, I've been really inspired to become very crafty, and I don't mean sneaky. After looking at the tutorials for knitting, I crossed that out quickly. Then, I turned to crocheting, which seemed to not be quite as difficult. I'm attempting to make the blanket pictured above. I figured that if I could get the first three rows (they are the basis for the entire blanket) then I could complete it. So far, I have completed the entire first row of 149 stitches. I tried taking pictures of what I have completed so far, but my camera isn't cooperating.

Unfortunately, I have reached a point in which I'm confused as to what to do. If only I could figure out how to turn the work...ugh! Online video tutorials here I come! Wish me luck! I'll post my progress as I make it. Let's just pray there's progress=)

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  1. I really wish we lived close because we are so much alike! I started wanting to learn "crafty" things last winter. I tried knitting and can "cast-on" but cannot figure out how to get the knitting back to the other needle. lol So I tried crochet, even bought a dvd and watched tutorials on YouTube and eHow. I can do the first row or so and then it looks horrible. Maybe I will keep trying on Christmas break. :o) One thing I found that is awesome is a Knifty Knitter loom knitter. It is SO easy and I have made a few hats. I have the round ones and plan to get the long one this month to start making scarves and maybe even a baby blanket. Look for it at Michaels, Jo-Anne's or Wal-Mart. Craft on little mama, craft on! :o)