Saturday, April 9, 2016

Prepping Big Brother

Going from being an only child to the big brother has to be a big deal for such a little boy! Landry has been my heart and soul for the past two years, and I was having a pretty difficult time coming to terms with our days ending with him being the only one. A few days before I was supposed to go into the hospital, we were going through our daily bedtime routine of prayers and such.

I fell apart.

Like sobbing falling apart.

Apparently, I just needed to get it out of my system because I was fine from that point on. However, I thought it would be fun to have him a little gift waiting for him since he was becoming the big brother and all.


I bought everything {except the shirt} from the Dollar Tree, and it is all stuff I thought he might would have fun with and could keep busy with while visiting the hospital or do while staying away at his Mimi and Paw’s. The labels are from here. There are tons of options on Pinterest though.

Big Brother Gift

In the bags, you will find…

Fruit snacks



Big Brother shirt

Coloring book and crayons

Play dough and Play dough cut-outs

Toy car

Sticker scene creations

Looking back, I probably put WAY too much in there, but we put it all to good use in the days we were back home from the hospital and trying to adjust into a life as a family of four. Overall though, I think having something there for him made him feel special and a little less uneasy to seeing his mommy in a hospital bed hooked up to a million wires.




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