Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pregnant Girl Problems

After trying to paint my toenails myself several weeks back, I swore that I would not try that again while pregnant. As luck would have it, my sister works at a hair salon and can hook a sister up!


I thought about venturing out and try some of those cool colors that I see other girls wear. Apparently, I’m not adventurous enough because after seeing it on one toe I decided to go safe with a sparkly coral color.

In other {baby} news….

  • I went to the doctor today. He said I’ve dilated 1 cm and am about 50% effaced. He said he expects to see me at next week’s appointment, but after that it was up in the air! 
  • I stayed up all last night. Thank you frequent bathroom trips and an aching back! I will definitely be taking my prescribed {by the OB} sleep meds tonight! Otherwise, I’ll be worthless tomorrow.
  • I bought some of the softest pajamas from Target today. I figured it was the least I could treat myself to after birthing a kid and likely feeling pretty gross. Seriously, check out the Gilligan & O’Malley stuff!
  • I bought the baby some of the softest blankets today, too. They are those muslin swaddler blankets, and I’m absolutely in love with them. I like them because they are a bit thinner than those other blankets.
  • I also bought some other odds and ends that we needed. Target disappointed in the bib and burp cloth department. They had nothing when it came to that! Very disappointing!
  • Does anyone know where to get some of those cutesy cloth diaper burp cloths? I picked up some from Jus Do, but I need more!
  • I’m praying the baby’s outfit with his name on it comes in soon!!! I’m getting worried! I think I’m going to email the vendor tonight to see what the deal is!
  • I’m taking a lifetime to write these last thank-you notes. My goal is to have them finished by the weekend, so they can be in the mail by Sunday. That would be ideal!

I’m 37 weeks on Saturday! Maybe I’ll have a picture soon! Dark circles under my eyes from zero sleep are just not a good look! Hope this finds you doing just fine!


  1. those thin blankets are must-haves for august babies! have you tried walmart for burp cloths? i love the gilligan and o'malley stuff at target too, and last time i was in brewton i found several of those shirts at dirt cheap, of all places! talk about excitement!

  2. I absolutely love the muslin blankets! Actually I see one on the floor just a few feet away from me right needless to say Noah still gets a lot of use out of his :)