Monday, July 15, 2013

No Showering my Shower

It was supposed to rain Saturday….just like it has every day for the past two weeks. It even rained yesterday. My baby shower was moved to my MIL’s church because the rain made a swamp of the family farm {the original planned location}.

My MIL and SIL planned the cutest shower that would have been so fitting in the farm setting, but even though things had to be moved it was still absolutely precious. These ladies certainly know how to make the best of things even when crazy circumstances arise.


My talented BIL designed the invitation to go along with the theme. He’s the same one who made the invitation for the shower that was held at my house, along with all of my wedding stationary. {So, if you need a custom invitation, locate him over at The Langham Project}.

Langham Baby Shower Food

Everything was centered around all of the things little boys love, gingham, and galvanized containers. Can’t you just see it at the farm? I totally can! I told Abby that we would definitely have to recreate it one day for her if she has a little boy. It’d be the least I could do!

Or, we could just have a party like this for the heck of it! I’m down for that!

Langham Shower Decor 

Can’t you just see the lanterns hanging from the porch, the wreath on the door, and the gingham fabric {from my rehearsal dinner} in various places around the cabin?

We all pigged out and then opened presents….

Colby’s mama made two different treasures for our baby boy! I swear she was actually working on these before she even knew we were pregnant. I came home one day {before we were} and informed my husband that I thought his mom was trying to give us a hint because I had just been at her house, and she was sharing her new projects with me.



We got lots of other goodies, too! Now that all of the showers have taken place, I’ve been able to figure out what all else we need. Luckily, our friends and family have been extremely generous, and there isn’t much left to purchase. Thank you to everyone for all that you have done for us!

3 days until my next appointment! Let’s hope for progress!

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  1. We had so much fun throwing this shower for your and Colby. I'm sorry it didn't work out to have it at the farm. We'll just have to have a party with baby LRL out there sometime. :)