Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Welcome Y’all!

Our porch is officially ready for fall! It’s taken me several weekends to put it all together. The neighbors were probably disgusted at our porch in all of its unfinished state. Great first impression, huh? Seriously….they probably don’t give a hill of beans, but it would be nice to think they actually look and notice such things {not the unfinished part, but the effort put into making our porch fall ready}.

I’ve found and been given so much to make this fall extravaganza happen, so I must first say thanks to all of those who contributed. You know who you are, and I sincerely appreciate your generosity.


I used a galvanized tub {gifted to us by my BIL and SIL} to house a mixture of pansies, violas, and a couple of wandering jew plants. In an effort to cover some ugly containers that the plants come in, I used some burlap and gently wrapped it around the container. It’s not even permanently attached or attached at all for that matter.


The other side of the door is outfitted with another bale of hay, some cotton, pinecones, a gorgeous and unique pumpkin from the Whitfield’s, and finally a scarecrow and unknown plant.


The steps are adorned with a variety of pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, pansies, hay bales, and corn stalks. I don’t know where you get your pumpkins from, but if you live around here, you should go to the Whitfield’s. I love that place so much, and to be honest there is nothing that great about it. It’s a person’s yard on the side of the road. However, there’s no pressure when picking out pumpkins. You’re on your own. You pay by the honor system! Seriously….that makes my day that these folks are such trusting people that they allow that. To me, it makes me believe I’m living in another era. AND….there are so many choices! All sizes of the typical orange pumpkin are there, but then there is a variety of shapes and sizes and colors of others {or gourds}. I get all excited about going there, and I anticipate my trip every year around this time.




Yes, I did get a little out of hand with all of the “welcoming”! I’m aware.


As for the grapevine crosses, I discovered them at the Jay Peanut Festival. Needless to say, I will be going back. If you have kids, you definitely need to go and bring them along. They would have a blast! My dad thinks that our front doors look like those of a church, so I think I really accentuated that thought. However, I haven’t had our “visitors” since I put them up. You’ll have to ask me privately if you want to know who I’m referring to, but if you know me really well you have probably heard or overheard me fussing.


Hopefully, all of our guests will feel a nice, warm, fall welcome!

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