Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Winging It!

This weekend was one of very little plans and just heading out and enjoying the ones and world around us. I spent Saturday morning sleeping in for the first time in a long time. When I finally got up and got going, I brought some lunch to Colby while he did a pressure washing job. Sometimes its nice just to share lunch even if it’s in the most random places like the entrance to the bank.


Afterwards, we decided the only proper thing to do was to do a little bit of dove hunting, and I am using the word ‘we’ frivolously. What I mean is, the men greeted dove season with a big bang {pun intended}. The women just gathered and did what women do….cook, talk, eat, and watch HGTV. Sounds like a terrific Saturday evening to me!

The boys finally joined us and presented us with their kill….quite impressive if I must say.


Some were a little more tuckered out than others though. My poor daddy was soaked to the bone.


Sunday followed the same general pattern of Saturday, which was relaxation. I started off my morning by enjoying the start of a brand new day outside in the courtyard. It would have been totally delightful with the birds singing, the sun rising, and the squirrels bouncing from limb to limb……but then there’s Zeb who would rather his mother pay him attention than eat breakfast and read a book in peace.

Church followed, and so did a day at the hunting club and farm. Zeb joined us of course.


Everywhere we went, I saw these beautiful and vibrant purple berries. I have no idea what they were, and they’re probably poisonous or something. I’m seeing these berries in my future blog header for sure.


Do you see what I see? A hint of fall, maybe?


Zeb and I piddled around. We are trying to practice walking on a leash, but it is more like he is trying to walk me. I think I see a harness in our very near future. It might make thing easier on both of us.


Sometimes it is just so nice to sit back and relax. I feel like I haven’t had the chance to in years thanks to school {and I don’t mean work}. I spent the day at the farm feeding the fish and reading my Southern Living all by my lonesome while Colby worked. It’s those peaceful moments that I get to experience that brings life back into perspective and makes you thankful for all you have and less worried about what you don’t. In the end, I’m blessed beyond what I deserve.


In other news, Zeb has been up to typical shenanigans. This time it was chewing a wire {that operates the air conditioner} in two. Thanks to our handy dandy air conditioner guy {Hobbs Air Conditioning}, it is up and working again. However, the back porch looks like a wreck. Toys are chewed up from here to yonder, but I guess I should be grateful that’s what he’s spending most of his time doing and less chewing of more important and expensive items. I’m praying I make it through the puppy stage, and at this point I think I’ll make it since I’m no longer surprised by what he is capable of doing and what we discover he has done.

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