Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wedding Four of Four: Wrapping Up Wedding Season!

On the weekend of October 29th, my friend since kindergarten, Erin, got married to Colby’s friend from high school, Hunter Hobbs. It was definitely a celebration not only because of their marriage, but it was also my other friend and fellow bridesmaid’s birthday!

What’s funny about this is that Erin’s wedding was at the same place that Ashley’s was one weekend earlier. Same place. Two very different weddings. Ashley’s was a black, white, and pink theme. Erin’s was all about fall, which makes my heart sing. They had really thought out all of the details. I loved the casual(ness) and comfort that Erin’s wedding gave.

Here’s an overview of the few photos I had time to capture that day:


I loved this idea! Instead of a guest book, she chose to use an address book and have everyone fill out a card with all of their info on it. At the bottom, everyone wrote a note for them. A quite clever idea, I thought.


Boiled peanuts = favors. I have a feeling that there were none left at the end of the wedding.



Ignore my out of control hair that day. My hair is not favorable to 20 mile per hour wind gusts. I’m not even kidding either. That made for a windy and freezing cold wedding, but we all survived.


In my opinion, the boys have done great in the ring department! For that, we are all grateful!





Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Hobbs!

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