Monday, November 7, 2011

The Cold Kit

Over here on Travis Street, the cold has taken one of the two Langhams down….and it’s not me.

Colby has gotten a terrible cold that has made us both miserable. He’s miserable for the obvious reason, and I’m miserable because he’s not himself. Neither makes for very happy people. Despite that, I’ve done my best as his wife to make sure he is taken care of when I’m here and while I’m away at work.

The solution? One I found while perusing Pinterest {surprise, surprise}.

A Cough and Carry


The cutesy printable came from the blog that originated this idea.

The purpose of it is to contain all of the items that one tends to make a nest with while sick and make it easier to move the items from one room to another {a.k.a. the couch to the bed}. Its contents include a variety of things to ensure that recovery is on the way…


So far, so good. Colby is on the mend. The cough and carry is getting carried to work tomorrow, too. The man has no shame. I love that about him.

If you’re experiencing any cold symptoms, get the one who loves you the most to make a you a cough and carry, and don’t let them forget the Reese’s Pieces. No one can get well without them!

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  1. I have had it too. I have been sick ever since the funeral. Ugh. I hope he feels better soon.