Monday, October 10, 2011

A Mini-Vacation Slash Wedding

This past weekend was quite enjoyable as Colby and I headed a little bit north to enjoy some color change and time with friends in a magnificent celebration of the beginning of their life together.


I’ve been going through the almost one thousand pictures that I took….trying to decide which ones to share with you. I think I’ve finally decided that I’ll keep working and share it all you on another day (this week if time allows). It’s back to my daily routine tomorrow….complete with an extra 3 hour work day and bus duty.

In the mean time, look forward to this….


and this….


The dance moves only get better! Hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday!


  1. ooh love those leaves! and colby's sweet dance moves. ;)

  2. It looks like you did get to see some fall color after all. That pic of Colby cracked me up. I'm glad we got to see y'all. You'll have to come back when we have more time to visit. You know you are welcome any time at the Langham hotel. :)