Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Driving Brings Out the Worst in a Person

As I previewed in my last post, this past weekend we made the trip to Tennessee to witness our friends, Andrea and Whitney, tie the knot. They have been together since high school, and we always knew that this day would come. I was just happy to be made a part of it. Forgive me in advance for what might be a pretty long post.

We left on Friday afternoon and started making our way but made a pit stop in Birmingham to stay the night with the SIL and BIL.

Colby let me drive us up to Birmingham, and I think Colby will vouch that driving brings out the worst in a person, which became the quote of the weekend. I tend to have a tiny vast amount bit of road rage and may or may not have an opinion about every other driver on the road. In hindsight, that is probably poor judgment since I feel sure they are doing the same thing to me due to my poor driving skills or aggressiveness while behind the wheel. Let’s just say that Colby let me drive on the way back but quickly decided that he would have me take the closest exit to change positions once again. One sigh {ahem!} and I was booted from behind the wheel.

Moving on…

While I don’t have one picture with them, they should know that we thoroughly enjoyed our stay with them and the nice comfortable bed that they provided us with at the Langham Hotel. We can’t wait to come on back for another visit once things settle down for all of us in December. School for Colby, Abby, and myself make for crazy, hectic lives!

On Monday morning, we got an early start and  headed out for the rest of the trip. I always pack food and things to do while traveling {in the passenger seat}.

Two essentials….



It’s my coffee….a burn-your-eyes-cold-coke. The best!

I was so excited about the changing of colors and all of the fall décor that these amazing people had out in front of the businesses! I was giddy inside! Heaven on Earth for me!


As we made our way to the cabin, these were literally standing beside the road just as we turned up the final hill to our cabin.


Once we got to our cabin, I quickly ran in to take pictures because I knew it would never look the same while we were staying there once we strowed all of our belongings throughout the place. How it happens, I’m not sure, but it happens.


The size of the cabin was perfect for the two of us. A perk was that it had a sauna….pretty awesome. The bad thing about it was that the bed was not the most comfortable in  the world, but that may have something to do with the fact that we’re used to sleeping on a Sleep Number. Big difference from a squeaky, dip in the middle bed.

Just as soon as we settled in, it was time to get ready and head on over to the rehearsal at the location of the wedding, Bluff Mountain Inn. It was a lovely place, and I feel sure that Andrea’s pictures are going to turn out amazing! The rehearsal was the best I’ve ever been to…..quick and simple. It’s how all rehearsals should be!



I think the best thing about this day was that I actually got a chance to catch up with old friends and got to enjoy them. After rehearsal we enjoyed a dinner and then a show at the Comedy Barn. The laughs that we all had together and continued to have throughout the weekend cannot be forgotten. The kids got to participate in the show, and we all had an amazing time.


After Saturday, the bride and groom were ready to get the show on the road, and we were just as ready as they were. It was time to get these two married up for a life of more wonderful memories together.

Instead of rambling on even further, I’ll just come back for a follow up post of the rest of the weekend. It was THAT great, and you don’t want to miss Colby’s outrageous dance moves and Wade’s karaoke. It’s priceless!

Can you believe tomorrow is already Thursday?!?! Friday is so close that I can taste it!


  1. Love the pics and love your dress ; ) this makes me want to go back to the mountains!!

  2. We so enjoyed you stop in Birmingham. Come back soon. Congrats to Andrea!