Monday, July 11, 2011

What’s Been Happening

I’m going to be completely honest with you. I have not had the yearning to blog lately. I can’t decide if I’m in a summertime slump, or if it’s the fact that I spent last week constantly writing paper after paper, PowerPoint after PowerPoint.

Either way….my mind didn’t want to function to any level of creativity after the exhausting weekend we had celebrating our nation’s freedom.


It was a fun-filled weekend full of family, fireworks, swimming, and tons of delish food.


As for this week, I’m hoping to get a handle on my new classroom and finish up the last few big assignments for grad school this semester. I can actually see the end in sight, and I won’t have to look it in the eye again until October-ish.


Lucky for me, UWA offers basically two semesters within one, which  means I will no longer have to wonder how in the world I was going to juggle showers, weddings, reunions, bachelorette parties, school, grad school, and life in general. Even though grad school has been eliminated from the list, I’m still a bit overwhelmed of how exactly I’m going to juggle what’s left in the list.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m excited about all of it, although of those things add up to me stressing out….a lot….already. Scary! No worries though! I can handle it. I won’t lie though that I’m already looking forward to November when things will be a little less stressful. I guess instead of looking at it as stress I should look at it as lots of fun to be had, and that’s completely true!

I hope to be able to make time to blog about all of the happenings in the coming months. These are memories that I will never want to forget. Before long, the bridal showers and weddings will pass, and baby showers will enter the new stage in of our lives. What fun that will be!

For now, I’m going to enjoy what is left of my summer with a few craft projects and fun in the sun!

Before long, it will be fall, and I’ll be excited all over again about the sounds of college football on the television, fall smells taking over my home, and decorating for one of my favorite seasons of the year.

I hope all of you are enjoying your summer!

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