Saturday, July 2, 2011

4th of July Last Minute Decor

I’ve been a little off the map this week due to an unusually high workload in my grad program {seeing as how it was midterms and all}. I don’t think midterms could have came at a worse time. Who wants to worry about darn school work when there’s fun to be had!

Decor has to be crafted together! Food has to be made in the traditional red, white, and blue. Family has to gather to enjoy it each other while we’re all together.

So, in the spirit of things, I pulled together a few last minute crafts today. You can even do these tomorrow just in time for all of your family and guests to arrive on Monday for the celebration of our country’s freedom.

So, to start us off….


I found this printable on the beloved Pinterest, which linked me to this amazing blog of which I’m now going to be a faithful follower.

I loved the printable, but I just couldn’t think of what to put it in. I didn’t have any white or red frames!

Solution? Spray paint! A couple of coats of red paint, and now I have this awesome frame with the cutest bunting inside!

Want the printable for yourself? Click on the picture above.

Now, this greets my guests on the front porch.


All thanks to the help from my sister-in-law, with team work we created a wreath that had inspired the both of us from Pinterest {surprise, surprise!}.


I had the boxwood wreath stuffed in a closet and found the star at my favorite antique store in town, Longevity. It was originally blue, but with some spray paint, it was just what I needed it to be. Then, Abby wrestled with the ribbon until the bow was just right.

Note to all of you:

Do not wait until the last minute to buy ribbon. Wal-Mart does not have the greatest options.

The final product turned out quite nicely though.


For the last craft, I used the crate and bottles from the Starbucks drinks that you buy from your local supermarket.

I spray painted the crate and the bottles. Then, I found some cute ribbon to adhere with a hot glue gun. Add in some carnations, and you have yourself a nice bouquet.


I hope you all have

 a nice and safe

Independence Day!



  1. Cute ideas Brenna! Love the wreath. Happy 4th!

  2. ahhhh, it's all so cute! i love the website with the printables you pinned. and next time i'm in town i think you and i should take a trip to longevity!

  3. I love the printable in that red frame....and on your front porch!!! LOVE!! And I am dying for your wreath too. I'll be making that next year, mark my words!