Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Having Some Fall Fun…


I’ve been in the fall spirit today. I love getting a new magazine in the mail, especially one that has lovely autumn colors on it and is filled with Thanksgiving ideas.

I can taste that food in my mouth right now. It is delectable. If I really in the mood this weekend, I might venture out to even make a pumpkin roll. I’m not even sure if I like pumpkin rolls, but I do love cream cheese. I’ll return with my vote soon.

This afternoon I brought my niece home with me after she insisted that she go to “B’s house.” I caved and let her come. I mean, how much longer will she want to spend some quality time with her Aunt B????

Let’s hope it is later than sooner! I love that girl!

She loves the outside more than anything, so we ventured out into the yard.


We listened to the band practice, practice, and practice at the high school.


We searched for these little jewels.


And added them to our zip-loc bag, so Aunt B can make some fall decorations with them.


We discovered these beautiful flowers. Does anyone know what they are called? They are in the worst place possible in my yard, so I think they need to be moved, but I loved being surprised by their presence.


I now have this scent going in my house, and it is absolutely decadent.

What are you loving about fall? Right now, I’m enjoying every  little bit.

Happy Fall, Ya’ll!

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  1. Adorable pictures of Alyson! I nevverr want her to get old.I think that's the exact scentsy we have on our apartment! I feel like i'm stalking you btw haha enjoyed talking to you last night. Love you & keep posting blogs. It's a little piece of home = )