Monday, December 14, 2009


Yes, that's right. I'm stranded. And the above picture is why.


The weather here in Brewtonia is quite nasty. We are under flood warnings, and quite frankly it's no longer a warning. It is actually doing some flooding in the area.

Since the weather is so terribly awful, it was recommended by my dear, sweet Colby to stay at his house tonight. Did I mention that I'm having to stay here in this awful mess alone?

Colby went into work tonight because he probably would not be able to get there tomorrow. For those who don't know, Colby works at the Poarch Fire Department in Atmore, Alabama, which is about 30-ish minutes away.

He recently called and informed me of how many horrible wrecks they have already had. Please keep all of these men in your prayers. They will probably be up all night saving people's lives in these dangerous conditions.

This is one of the wrecks that Colby and his crew had to respond to last night. I guess that rapid water training they did a few months ago is paying off now.

This is a picture of how close the water was to the bridge in town as of 2 p.m. today.

I did not take any of these photographs myself. I acquired them from the WKRG 5 website. All of these pictures are from earlier this afternoon.

If I get stranded even more and cannot go to work myself tomorrow, maybe I can venture out and take some photographs to post.

Downtown Brewton is flooded. That makes the second time this year that the office where I work will have been flooded. I'm stranded at Colby's until further notice. I guess I will be getting things done around here that have been on my list...

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  1. Gosh reading that article about the wreck makes me worry about Colby so much! He is brave.

    PS: I love you wedding countdown banner. :)