Thursday, June 18, 2015

Now what?

You’ve removed everything possible from your room. You’ve rearranged the furniture. You’ve deep cleaned behind the couches {and under them}. You’ve found those missing toy pieces. You’ve gotten all of the stuff put in another area, so you can shop what you already have later.



The room is quieted.

Now what?

Well, you start piecing things back together and only putting the things back that truly give your room the feel you are going for. You’re not feeling guilty about not putting it all back in the room. Half the stuff I had on my bookshelves were not even things I liked. I just didn’t have a spot for them, and I had an unfilled space.

All that created was a space of misplaced stuff that stressed me out. That’s not how you should feel in you’re own home {at least because of furniture and decor anyway}.

So, I worked specifically on my bookshelves and mantel, while changing the accessories on my end tables a little bit.

And, I painted the coffee table…again.

And the end result…



A “summer-ized” home! It feels less like fall and winter. I don’t know why I didn’t try this sooner. It made the biggest difference in how I felt in this room. I’m no longer overwhelmed by the tchotchkes, but instead I feel pleased every time I look in either direction in this room.

While I can’t do anything about the deer head over the mantel or the ugly side chair, I try to distract away from it. The big windows help with that. Have some things you don’t like in your house but can’t afford to change it? Get those eyes looking at something else instead. These are just some of the tips from the Cozy Minimalist Class by the Nester.

Here’s a side by side…of course, without toys.

June 2015

And….with the toys, just to keep things real {straightened up, of course}


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