Friday, June 5, 2015

Give it a Little Life

When it come to accessorizing rooms, I’m the worst. I can pick out paint colors and curtains and furniture and rugs all day long. If you want me to accessorize it though, I’m pretty much worthless.

It takes me a while to piece things together. Of course, the many books and blogs I’ve read lately make me feel better. Now I feel less compelled to accessorize the room all at one time. Instead, I’ve chosen to do as they suggest and accessorize throughout time for a more collected feel. Then, I can change things out, especially since I get bored with things rather quickly.

During spring break, I worked on a table I found in a dumpster. It’s been my catch-all table when school was in session. Most days it just looked like this…


if not worse!

You can see from the picture that I bought those stools from Overstock that I had talked about in the original post about this table project. Loving them!

Anyhow…a sweet little girl in my class gave me a beautiful plant on the last day of school! Totally made my day! I was so excited because plants have been on my list of things to add to the rooms in my house. It’s amazing how much a plant can add to a room.





And for a before and after….

Table Collage2

It’s amazing what a few little additions can do to a space!

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