Friday, October 3, 2014

A Check-Check Here & A Check-Check There

Buffalo checks. It’s the “theme” so to speak.

I finally found the perfect inspiration photo of what I had already been planning before I discovered it.

You see, I found this awesomely priced duvet cover from Ikea. Can you say 49.99?

ikea bedding

Then, I was making plans on how to buy an extra duvet cover to turn them into matching curtains. And then…I found this picture.

Buffalo check bedroom

Buffalo check bedroom 2

My heart skipped a beat when the blogger of Dixie Delight said that she bought the fabric from Ikea. Say what??? No need to cut up a duvet cover to get the look I wanted? I could just buy the fabric. Ah-MAZ-ING!

To make this bedroom a total hit, I’ve got to make a lot of changes, but if I start now maybe I can get it done in a couple of years. Sad, right? Teacher= P.O.O.R.

Here’s the list…

  • Headboard
  • Light fixture
  • Duvet and Duvet Cover from Ikea
  • White quilt
  • PB Sheets {like those above}….might just settle for plain white ones
  • Curtain fabric from Ikea
  • Lamps
  • Possibly switch nightstands from master bedroom to guest bedroom
  • Artwork on walls {might use Uncle Judd’s contributions}
  • Curtain rods
  • Dresser {possibly}
  • Desk set-up
  • Euro pillows and shams
  • Boyish, natural accessories
  • And paint! {shhh….don’t tell Colby! He’ll kill me}

Don’t worry about the toys….I’m sure we will be making plenty of room for them in his closet.

There you have it, folks! A big boy room in the making!

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