Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow…errr Ice Day!

Well, luckily I made a trip to the grocery store on Monday afternoon afterschool to stock up on a few groceries because we are homebound due to all of the ICE that’s covering nearly every surface.



No worries here though! A state of emergency means that we don’t have to makeup these days up {we hope!}. That means three free days with my baby! It’s been terrific getting to spend time with him that I normally wouldn’t have.


I bundled him up this morning and took him outside for the quickest photo shoot ever. I brought his white rocking chair outside, and I began snapping.


For now, there’s a fire in the fireplace, and we are doing absolutely nothing! Other than playing and eating and watching television! It’s the best way to spend this surprise winter break.


Remember those door hangers I made? I think they’re rather fitting {more now than the day of the party}.

While I’m glad we had a little wintry weather, I seriously can’t wait for some spring weather. Things just aren’t really that pretty in the winter like they are in the spring and summer. I prefer green grass over brown and flowers {even though I tend to kill them}. I’m not equipped for cold weather. Warm is more my style!

I hope you all are staying safe and off the roads! When you stay off the roads, you keep my husband safer, too. Enjoy your extra day off!

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  1. Love the up close pic with the blue and white! A good one to frame. He is beautiful:)