Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring is finally here!

And it actually looks like it might be here to stay! Seriously, that makes my eyes light up. When spring comes, the flowers bloom, and the flowers are definitely blooming around here.

And my favorite oak tree has beautiful green leaves again! I love looking up into it when it’s so green and lush.


I wish spring could be the permanent season. I think I might be able to sacrifice some other miserable seasons if it could be just like it is now all the time. But then again, we probably wouldn’t appreciate it like we do if we didn’t have the other seasons too.

Like I shared with you in my last post, we made a quick visit {because I could stay there all day} to Lowe’s to stock up on some flowers for my front porch containers. They’re still in the growing stage since I always buy my flowers when they’re smaller since they are cheaper and grow rather quickly. Patience with this can go a long way.


For my {now} white pots by the front door, I went with a purple, pink, and white color scheme with a hint of light green thrown in within the darker green leaves.


The flowers are as follows:

1. Kalanchoe   2. Celosia   3. Petunia   4. Coleus

Then, I filled the containers are my front steps with another color scheme of flowers. In hindsight, I might should have just went with the same thing, but I still like it, and I think it will look even better once the plants fill out and get some height on them.


With this planter, I went with a red, white, and somewhat blue theme since I thought it fit the classic structure of our home {and our standard American flag hanging in the front}.

And the flowers that grace this planter include a little bit of Salvia {see below}….


A baby Ageratum…..


And some begonias {red and white} on either side of the Ageratum…

Here’s a couple of tips when shopping for plants for containers:

  • Keep the plants together in the buggy when choosing your plants. It makes it easier to see what you actually have and how well they will look together.
  • If you want to buy smaller plants to save money like I do, look around at the plants in their full grown state that will probably be around the garden center. This will help you see what it will be once it is grown.

And you might not believe me, but that list tip definitely helped me decide where in the containers I was going to place my plants because I could actually tell how big they would get and what they do when they are bigger. You need to know if they grow taller or cascade over the side of a pot. For instance, you sure wouldn’t want to put salvia in the front of a container because it grows straight up and pretty tall.

I hope these tips are helpful to you and that you are enjoying this wonderful weather as much as I am!

And I almost forgot….this checks another item off of my 101 list! Goodbye, number 75!


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