Thursday, March 21, 2013

Doing a 101 List….Again!

Way back in January my 101 List in 1,001 days expired. That was the month that I didn’t care about much other than surviving. Luckily, I did, and I’m ready to make a new list.

I would like to be proud of myself for accomplishing what I did on my last list. After all, I accomplished over half (or at least I think I did) of my goals. Some of the things that were the most fun were the things that cost the least amount of money.

I wish I could say that this list didn’t have a gazillion things on it that didn’t cost a dime, but that would be a flat out lie. After all, a good bit of these goals are house oriented. In the next two and half years {and a little extra}, I would be pleased if I once again accomplished at least half.

Goals drive me to do more and to be proud of myself when I’ve accomplished something. If you know me at all, you know that I have a Type-A-make-a-list-for-everything type personality. I’ve been that way my whole life.

So here it goes!

The list I hope to finish by Thursday, December 17, 2015…………

1. Take a beach trip to 30-A

2. Go to the mountains in the fall
3. Surprise a neighbor with a dessert or craft
4. Make use of Earth day services
5. Promote Colby’s business
6. Start an herb garden
7. Go to Lake Martin for the day
8. Get seating for the living room
9. Paint living room
10. Get lamps for guest bedroom
11. Paint built-in cabinets in den
12. Buy two large rugs for the house {one down, one to go}
13. Remove vertical blinds in bathroom
14. Put curtains in bathroom
15. Take a bubble bath

16. Replace all fans in house
17. Replace bathroom lights
18. Have rocking chair reupholstered
19. Have one piece of art framed & hung
20. Have bathroom mirrors framed
21. Host a party at the Langham farm
22. Get a “real” blog design {great gift idea}
23. Plant a new tree in the backyard
24. Organize an event for church
25. Complete the Samaritan’s Purse project
26. Go to downtown Christmas
27. Do something to the guest bath walls
28. Have a party with friends at the house
29. Paint kitchen cabinets
30. See the Biltmore Estate
31. Plant something in front two flowerbeds
32. Go tubing at Adventures Unlimited
33. Find something to put Colby’s shoes in
34. Buy five gifts from a small business
35. Take Aly to the splash pad
36. Attend a performance by the BCA
37. Stay overnight at the beach
38. Frame my master’s degree
39. Replace blue carpet
40. Get furniture for front porch
41. Go on a nice date with my husband
42. Fly a kite
43. Get another Christmas tree
44. Host Christmas at my house
45. Order new checks
46. Make s’mores
47. Walk at least three days per week for a month
48. Get new glasses
49. Make PW cinnamon rolls
50. Have a baby
51. Decorate a nursery
52. Make frozen hot chocolate
53. Collect more pieces of china/stemware
54. Start fence in backyard
55. Put personal photos around the house
56. Make cinnamon butter
57. Make ranch dressing
58. Replace door knobs in house
59. Buy a new bathing suit
60. Keep the hummingbird feeders filled
61. Go to a local festival
62. Make a pea picking cake
63. Make a video of a trip we go on
64. Make a Christmas movie collection
65. Go to the Copper Possum
66. Add drawers to the pantry
67. Put swing up
68. Go fishing at the farm
69. Kill a deer
70. Have newborn pictures made
71. Send out Christmas cards with the baby on it
72. Send birth announcements
73. Decorate door/mailbox for new baby
74. Get a new wreath {or make}
75. Plant variety in planters
76. Get a new mailbox and post
77. Plant something around mailbox
78. Get a decal for mailbox
79. Have baby christened
80. Spray paint planters
81. Paint coat rack
82. Have a picnic
83. Craft a baby gift
84. Clean out courtyard
85. Build enclosure around AC unit
86. Make homemade chocolate chip cookies
87. Lose pregnancy weight
88. Get a pedicure
89. Visit Judd and Abby
90. Paint doors inside garage
91. Find the baby a caregiver
92. Have a 1st birthday party
93. Go to the beach with another couple
94. Write all thank you notes for baby gifts
95. Bring the baby to church
96. Invite friends to the farm to fish
97. Invite friends over for dinner
98. Attend a baby shower {for me}
99. Get summer maternity clothes
100. Have a 3-D {or 4-D} ultrasound done of the baby
101. Pick out the baby’s name

So that’s my list! Nothing too major. I did find it ironic as I was typing it that I put lose pregnancy weight and make homemade chocolate chip cookies side by side. Haha!

I seriously can’t wait to get this list going. Oh, and I’ll be honest. My list expired in January, and I actually started making this list before then. SO, I didn’t want to change anything, so I’m actually fudging a little bit on the date. My start date is today, but some of the items have already been accomplished this year.

The way I see it….it’s my blog and my list, and I’ll do what I want. So there! Haha!

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  1. I just made my new list too! So exciting to think up new goals.

    PS: Whats a pea picking cake?