Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Baby’s Growing Up

Zeb is growing, and he’s growing fast! He’s now twelve weeks old and is into everything! We can’t get him to a fenced in yard fast enough!

Zeb at 12 Weeks

His nicknames range from Zebberman, Zeberoni, Zebberific, Zebberoo…..the list goes on depending on who is talking to him and for what reason.

His brothers next door are growing just as fast, and Rip {the black dog} is in the lead for being the heaviest. Tag {the blue merle}  is the fastest. Zeb {red tri} is the rowdiest! It’s funny that they all look so different but come from the same litter!



And when they play….it always resembles this to some degree. A minimum of two referees  must always be on duty to separate them and save an ear or an eye from being ripped from a body. Lord, help us!


At least this sweet face does exist at various points through the day. It may just be what saves his life when he chews into something important. Haha!



  1. Wow, the boys are getting so big. You did a great job with these pics. They're great!

  2. Super Cute!! They really don't look like they're from the same litter @ all!