Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Weekend Review: Part I

Last weekend was all about family and celebrating the fact that the Lord died for our sins. How much more can a person celebrate? The Lord and family are what get you through life, so why not celebrate the best thing in our life with the best people in our life. I can say that I am definitely blessed in the family department and thoroughly enjoyed my three day Easter weekend.

I took off Friday to Pensacola in hopes of some new clothes, and I can say that I came back with some great deals and finds. In all seriousness, I only went to three stores: The Loft, Old Navy, and Belk. A girl like myself doesn’t need much more. If my pocket book could handle it, The Loft would be my ideal store. I swear those clothes are made for me. They have petites, which is major for a 5’1” girl like myself, AND their clothes are classy, mature, and stylish. Can you ask for more? When you’re a conservative girl like myself, you can’t…..other than a bit cheaper prices.


On Friday night, my BIL and SIL came in to stay with us while my SIL’s parents and grandmother stayed with our in-laws. I’m sad to say that the blinds didn’t get put up in time for their arrival, but luckily they are easy going guests who were just thankful for a bed to sleep in. We woke up early Saturday morning to do a little bit of antique shopping. I didn’t buy a thing, but I came back for something. I’ll share it with you later.

Then, we headed out the Langham farm for a picnic and fishing. For me, it held lots of picture taking.


I can’t tell you how happy we all are to have a cabin  that is finished and completely usable. You don’t realize how much you need a bathroom until you don’t have one, so the girls are pretty excited about the new amenity.


Just about everyone did a little fishing as some point or another, and they were pretty lucky if I do say so myself.


Bass and bream were the catch of the day. Abby’s grandmother was quite a sight in her signature pink jogging suit and fishing pole. She enjoyed every bit of it, and it reminded me so much of the days when I once fished with my grandmother. I can’t tell you how many afternoons we spent at The Pecan Orchard either feeding the fish, trying to fish, or sitting fishing poles down for just a second only to see them be snatched into the pond. Oh, the times my dad had to fish out my fishing pole. I’m not really the fishing partner you want to have around. I cause more trouble than anything.

Easter Weekend 2012

One thing I learned while we were down there was that lily pad blooms open in the day and close in the evening. Even though lily pads aren’t exactly what you want taking over the pond, the few here and there were gorgeous with their white and pink blooms.



Cole was a trooper, too. He had a ball chasing after sticks in the pond and taking a dip in the water just to cool off. He wasn’t too fond of the fish being caught….a bit curious, but not really a fan.


The highlight of the day? This right here…

Abby and the fish

Watch the changing expression! Love you, Abby!


And of course, we cooked up the catch of the day for dinner. Hushpuppies and fish for me! You can’t beat the Langham family fish fry! It’s always scrumptious!


Easter weekend continued on Sunday with family festivities, but I’ll recap that in a separate post.

In the mean time, did you have family travel in for the holiday? How do you celebrate? I’d love to know!


  1. You take phenomenal pictures!!! And Abby's face cracks me up :)

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  3. I love this post. The pictures are great. Notice how far I am holding that thing away from me. After Colby said it had teeth I was pretty much done. :) I did remember to smile towards the end. Ha. That sure was a fun day. What filter did you use when editing your pics? I like it. I have not even gotten mine off of my camera yet.