Tuesday, April 3, 2012

10 Things


Spring break seems to be getting further away instead of closer! I am officially counting down. Only 19 days until vacation! It cannot get here soon enough.


I’m applying for graduation. I should have everything complete by this summer. Hallelujah! It might nearly kill me, but at least I’ll get a pay raise.


For a short week, it has been really stressful. I’m thankful we have a three day weekend because I’m going to need every hour to recover.


Buying land or a house can be very stressful. Apparently, we can’t even get past the looking part. I’m trying not to get discouraged, but I’m failing miserably. Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with our house, but I’d love to have something that we owned. Something we could call ours. Someone should have told me that you must be patient, which is not something I’m strong in.


Body of Proof has been intense for the past two episodes. Have I turned it off? Not a chance. I want to know what virus is going to wipe Philadelphia off the face of the Earth. In ten minutes, I suspect I will know the answer.


Clothes shopping is definitely on my list of to-dos this week. I’m down to the bare nothings in the closet. Anything spring or summer would be nice. I just hope I can find some things in the small amount of time I’ve allotted myself on Friday. Old Navy and The Loft….watch out! I’m on my way!


Have you seen the stenciled wall at Cozy. Cottage. Cute? It is awesome! I might do the same one day in our back bedroom if we have a kid while still in this house. That girl has the best ideas!



I am excited about Luke Bryan coming to town! Well….not technically to my town, but close enough! He’s got to be one of the better looking country stars in the business right now! I’m sure I have some girls out there who would agree.


Blinds are going up in the back bedroom. That will be something to mark off my list of house goals {I think}. That will finally finish the house off in window coverings. My BIL and SIL can now get dressed in the guest bedroom without having to worry about eyes from the neighbors peeking in….not that they would, but you never know.


I love my husband. He’s been so good to me, especially in the last few weeks. The poor guy has put up with me and my down and out attitude lately. I’m hoping that will change with some R & R. Thanks, dear! I couldn’t do anything without you! 


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  1. Three things...(1)Gosh, virus in Philly, good thing we moved. :) (2)We can't wait to stay with y'all. (3)I feel the same way about wanting to buy a home, but it is a process. We'll both get there one day. I'm curious to hear what happened with the land.