Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Finally Fall and Finally Back

Since school has started, I have been on a little hiatus. Of course, what I was too sick and exhausted to tell you all at the time was that there was another reason aside from the regular beginning of school exhaustion.


Luckily, things are on the up and up, and I’m feeling much better and gaining some of my energy back. Because of this new found energy, I decided to pursue some of my fall decor dreams since I haven’t done that in a couple of years.

Thanks to some very generous people I have pulled this together with a limited budget and made a decent fall scene that can be used until Thanksgiving. Is it bad that I’m already planning for Christmas though?

Don’t worry! I don’t break out the Christmas decor until after Thanksgiving even though it’s getting harder and harder to adhere to that.

Starting at the front door…a small touch with pumpkins and dried limelight hydrangeas.



And then it moves straight to the front porch….pumpkins, cotton, hay bales, ferns, planters, and a lantern to top it off.









As for the planters, I used a combination of marigolds, creeping fig, celosia, and scaevola.




I’ve got plans for a fall mantel, but it’s just a matter of following through with them. Hang tight…I may surprise you.

On to the doctor tomorrow for our second ultrasound of baby brother. Hopefully will have a video to share soon! We’re taking Landry, so that should be interesting. As always, keep us in your prayers for a healthy baby boy. I’m always nervous until everything is confirmed. So thankful for all God has given us!

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