Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Dash of Schoolhouse for the Teacher

Each month I decide ahead of time what purchases I want to make towards the home. It’s a tight budget as we try to pay as much as we can on our house, so we can get rid of this mortgage hanging over our heads. So far, we’re making great progress, but that’s another topic for another day.

The point is. We are debt free except for our house, and we plan to stay that way. We pay cash for everything, which is why I plan out any expenses for the month of things I want for the house, Landry, or myself.

This month is a month of birthdays, so the expenses were more directed towards accessories here and there instead of big item purchases. Keep in mind when I say big item purchases….I mean over $100.

This was one of those smaller purchases. A $36.41 purchase to be exact. A heck of a deal on a light fixture if you ask me.

You see…..we started off with this.


It must have been here since the house was built….maybe not….but it’s definitely been there for 20+ years. It’s the only light fixture in our house that hasn’t been updated in a while. I’m not saying all of our light fixtures are great because they definitely are not, but they were upgraded at some point…even if it’s not my taste.

Even though it’s just a hall light in a hall we don’t use that often, it was driving me crazy.


I found this beauty at Home Depot for less than $40. The reviews online were awesome, and everyone raved about how nice it looked and surprised them for the great price it was.


It is the World Imports Luray 1-Light Oil-Rubbed Bronze Semi-Flush Mount if you’re looking for it.

And now for the side by side…

Hall Light

Small and simple fix, but it makes me happy. Big thanks to the husband for putting it up for me. None of my ideas would be possible without him helping me put them into action.

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