Sunday, November 9, 2014

{Thankfulness} Parents

Today I wanted to share just how thankful I am for my parents and my in-laws.


Pop Pop has the best tractor noises. He could once say nearly every word of the Jungle Book. He’s handy and can make nearly anything you want. He has the best sense of humor and is always the life of the party.


Nonna makes some mean chocolate oatmeal cookies. She has the best toy stash in her secret compartment under the stairs. She can sing a baby to sleep in no time flat and loves sharing her love for the farm with her grandbabies. Those goats are prime entertainment for the kiddos!


Mimi is a teacher through and through. All of those years of teaching elementary school don’t go away easily, so she puts her skills to good use with Landry. She’s Landry’s babysitter while I work and makes sure he gets his share of veggies and good nutrition.


Paw gives the best lawn mower rides on all of Travis Street. It’s a daily ritual. He spends more time at home now that Landry is around, and we are thankful that he moves the car out every morning, so we don’t have to get out in the wet grass, cold, or rain more than we have to.

Each of these are such a special part of our lives, and they are each more than what these three or four sentences say. We {Colby and I} are more grateful for them than we could ever express. They have sacrificed for us and have shown love for Landry like no one else would be able to do. We love you all!

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