Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Serving Up a Makeover

You know how sometimes you get gifts for your wedding or your birthday or for some other reason, and you think that it’s a good gift but doesn’t really fit your needs? I’ve had a tray floating around my house for the past three years, stuck in storage, and serving no purpose at all.

It was one of those black photo collage trays, and I’m the world’s worst person about printing photos. It just wasn’t my style, and it definitely wasn’t working for me. It was working against me. I was beginning to think I just needed to give it a new home, but then I had a great idea of what to do with it.

Give it a makeover. A coat of paint and some fabric and it was good as new!

Don’t worry….I used a mask when doing this project for those of you worried about baby.


I gave the tray a good spraying of primer before giving it a couple of coats of glossy white spray paint. After letting it dry in the blazing hot sun, I relocated it to the courtyard to finish the project.


To give you an idea of what it looked like before, you can look at the photo above.


To finish the project, I gathered my supplies. I actually had some fabric samples that have been sitting in a box for years. They were the perfect size to cut to fit. I ended up choosing the lighter colored fabric, but I could easily change it for whatever occasion was coming up.

Right now, there is a housewarming/baby shower planned to be happening in two weekends from now, so I thought the top fabric would fit perfectly with the blues, greens, and yellows.

I used the matte as my guide to cut my fabric. I cut it just a teeny tiny bit bigger than the matte, so the edges wouldn’t be shown through the glass. I then put the glass back in {clean}, laid my fabric flat, put the matte in behind it {for future use}, and attached the back.


Voila! The final product! A much better fit for me! An easy, quick project!

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