Thursday, December 30, 2010

101 List Progress

I started my 101 list this year, and I believe I have made great progress and plan to make even more progress in the upcoming year.

Let me remind you that I have until January 18, 2013 to accomplish all of the goals on my list.

Just to note my progress, here are all of the things I crossed off my list this year:

3. Get married

4. Visit Charleston

5. Walk across the stage to graduate

6. Apply for certification in Alabama and Florida

7. Get my name changed on all important documents

8. Finish all thank-you for wedding gifts after the wedding

9. Order all of my china and put it in its places

12. Host a party at our house

17. Buy a DSLR camera

22. Get a full-time teaching position

24. Buy an SUV with a substantial down-payment

32. Donate canned goods to the food drive

35. Update my cell phone

38. Complete 100 blog posts

44. Can some sort of jelly

56. Send out Christmas cards with our picture on it

57. Come up with a better name for my blog

58. Buy a king size sleep number mattress

59. Get an upholstered head board

64. Hang up something on the wall in at least two rooms

67. Give my car a good cleaning inside and out

74. Cover up that awful breaker box in our middle room

75. Hang ferns on the front porch

79. Get a new garbage can {sounds trivial, but SO needs to be done}

80. Have the shed by our house closed in

87. Support W.S. Neal schools in some way

88. Support T.R. Miller or Brewton schools in some way

89. Fill up 5 sheets of box-tops

93. Learn a new recipe

101. Re-stain the front porch

Forgive me for the weird spacing. I have no idea why it is doing that, and I’m not going to waste my time trying to figure it out.

If I counted right….

30 DOWN!                                 71 to go!